Participation Fee: 110 € (The participation fee includes: accommodation, meals -from Tuesday’s dinner to Saturday’s breakfast- , transportation hostel-university, workshop material, welcome pack and a t-shirt)

No. of participants: 20



FROM JULY THE 26th (00:00 CET) TO AUGUST THE 9th (00:00 CET): First Application Round

The application period starts and applicants are listed on a first-come, first-served basis. However, only two members of each AS/PAS/PPAS will be confirmed during this first application period. This rule does not concern IB members since they have a priority status (but they have to apply at some stage in this round).

The preliminary participant list is published following the previous guidelines. Also a waiting list will be uploaded containing the remaining applicants sort depending on their priority. For this waiting list AS/PAS/PPAS with fewer participants have priority and between them a first-come, first-served basis will be also applied.

FROM AUGUST THE 9th (00:00 CET) TO AUGUST THE 18th (00:00 CET): Second Application Round

Places that become available before this second deadline due to cancellation will be assigned to participants on the waiting list according to their priority number.



From the 9th of August (00:00 CET) to the 31st (00:00 CET), participants must pay the participation fee (110 €) via bank transfer to EUROAVIA Madrid.



Cancellations before the 14th of August (00:00 CET) do not suppose any charge for the applicant.

Cancellations from the 14th of August (00:00 CET) to the 20th of August (00:00 CET) suppose the applicant who cancels his/her attendance to the event has to pay 25% of the participation fee.

After August the 20th every cancellation means the participant who cancels his/her attendance to the event has to pay the entire participation fee.

In case the participant cancels after August the 14th or does not transfer the participation fee before the 31st of August and refuses to pay, his/her AS is responsible for paying EUROAVIA Madrid the corresponding amount of the participant fee following the previous payment deadlines.



  1. The applicant reads, understands and accepts the general application rules.
  2. The applicant fills in the application form on the website and sends it to EUROAVIA Madrid by clicking the SEND button.
  3. EUROAVIA Madrid will ask the applicant’s AS for a membership confirmation of the applicant.
  4. The applicant status on the participant list is updated showing his/her membership is confirmed.
  5. After the first deadline, preliminary participant and waiting lists are published.
  6. The applicant pays the 110€ participation fee to EUROAVIA Madrid.
  7. Once EUROAVIA Madrid receives the entire participation fee, the applicant will be confirmed about the reception of the payment and it will also be shown in the participant list.




Application link:  APPLY

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